Our Methodology

TAG-KC adopts an integrated and inclusive approach to the techniques of presentation, delivery, assessment and adaptation to the environment circumstances and the party requesting training services.

Techniques: Our training philosophy is based on collaboration through various training techniques, such as case studies, individual exercises, working in groups, brainstorming, organized dialogue, role acting, study visits, etc.

Tools: TAG-KC uses audio-visual training aides, computers and electronic projection devices as tools to convey information and explain scientific and behavioral concepts.

Assessment: TAG-KC is committed to submit a comprehensive report to the party requesting training service on the progress of courses and programs, including achievements to be consolidated and weaknesses to be avoided in future programs. TAG-KC also uses evaluation forms for the participants to evaluate the trainers and the material.

Certificates: TAG-KC grants a certificate of participation for each course to those who effectively participate. The participants' attendance of the training sessions is a prerequisite to obtaining this certificate.

Training Plan

Training Plan