TAG-KC Professional Partners

# International Partner WWW Domicile Summary of Services under agreement
1 Arab Foundations Forum arabfoundationsforum.org Jordan Membership
Jordanian Pharmacists Association http://www.jpa.org.jo/ Jordan Training Courses
3 Al-Aman Fund http://www.alamanfund.jo/ar Jordan Training Courses
4 Save The Children https://jordan.savethechildren.net Jordan Training Courses
5 Public Security Directorate http://www.psd.gov.jo/index.php/ar/ Jordan Training Courses ; Knowledge Stations
6 Middle East University http://www.meu.edu.jo/ar/ Jordan Issuing Certificates and Training Courses
7 Isra University http://www.iu.edu.jo/index.php/ar Jordan Knowledge Station; Training Courses and Issuing Certificates
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University http://ar.ahu.edu.jo/ Jordan Knowledge Station; Training Courses
9 Jordanian University/ Aqaba Branch http://ju.edu.jo/AqabaBranch/Home.aspx Jordan Training Courses
10 step by step Jordan Exchange Training Courses
11 ActionCoach http://www.actioncoach.com/ Jordan New service will be provided by TAG and will be applied by ActionCoach
12 Zaha Cultural Centre http://zaha.org.jo/ar/ Jordan Training Courses; IT and English Exams
13 Applied Science University http://www.asu.edu.jo/index.php Jordan Knowledge Station ; Training Courses
14 The Hashemiate University https://hu.edu.jo/ Jordan Training Courses; Issuing Certificates
15 UNIcard http://unicard.jo/ Jordan Discounts for any participant from TAG
16 Unrwa http://www.unrwa.org/ Jordan Opening 3 Knowledge Station in three different Camps
17 Ministry Of Youth http://www.moy.gov.jo/ Jordan Youth Issues
18 UNDP http://www.jo.undp.org/ Jordan Funding 10 Knowledge Stations
19 Jordan News Agency/ Petra http://www.petra.gov.jo/Public/Main_arabic.aspx?lang=1&site_id=2 Jordan Training Courses
20 Mu'tah University https://www.mutah.edu.jo/index.php?lang=ar Jordan Knowledge Station ; Training Courses
21 Silatech http://www.silatech.com/ Qatar Working on 2016 Challenge 22 Innovation Award
22 Emirates Foundation http://www.emiratesfoundation.ae/EF/ UAE Joint projects in several Areas
23 King Abdullah Fund For Development http://www.kafd.jo/ar Jordan Knowledge Stations and Training Courses
24 Ministry Of Interior http://www.moi.gov.jo/ Jordan Knowledge Station ; Training Courses
25 Snow Ball Centre Jordan Training Courses
26 Shabab Al-Fuhais Club Jordan Training Courses
27 Alnajah National University https://www.najah.edu/ar/ Palestine Training Courses and Knowledge Station
28 Migrate http://www.migratemena.com/ Jordan Training Courses and Knowledge Station
29 Petra National Trust www.petranationaltrust.org Jordan Training Courses and Knowledge Station
30 Ma'an Development Area http://www.mda.jo/?lang=ar Jordan Capacity Building
31 Ma'an Municipality http://www.maan.gov.jo/ Jordan Training and Supporting Local Community
32 Salt Development Coperation http://sultdc.jo/ Jordan Training Courses and Knowledge Station
33 National Center for Leaders Development Jordan Exchange Training Courses
34 Applied Academy for Education Development Jordan Training Courses
Training Plan

Training Plan